Rob Orman joins Questioning Medicine for a little discussion on Tamiflu. On QM we have talked about Tamiflu on more than one occasion and some of the shady events that have occurred in the past. However, the Cochrane review of 2014 seem to put an end to most of the debate. BOTTOM LINE- People get better 16-18hrs sooner (but not those with COPD or CHF or the elderly)  and individuals are just as likely to get nausea or vomiting as they are to get better (click here). However, in 2015 after the Cochrane review there was a piece in the Lancet there was a piece the described Tamiflu as the second coming (not quite but close) (click here) 

In this episode we talk about not only Tamiflu and some more shady Roche drug money, but we also discuss smurfs, our new rap group, and a world that would be better if Tamiflu actually worked.