If you have bad knees you can be sure you will get a knee scope. It might be before a 'total joint' or as part the treatment protocol, however is it beneficial? How much benefit are we doing? Remember this isn't a benign thin procedure. First, it is surgery with real anesthesia which always comes with will complications. 

Have you seen a patient post-scope? They are in pain, lots of it. They require physical therapy, pain medication, and a caring spouse to wait on them hand an foot while they recover with their leg elevated. 

In this podcast we take a look at a recent article about arthroscopic surgery for the treatment of degenerative knees. This isn't 'new information' but it's information that doesn't get talked about enough and should surely be discussed with patients prior to the referral to the orthopedic surgeon.

If you are curious (click here) for a link to the paper and have a read for yourself

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