Overdiagnosis an overly large problem

Overdiagnosis is a problem. We may find things that we would of never found but all too often we find something that requires further work and procedures. Rarely do we save any lives or benefit the patient. Instead we just stick them with a diagnosis they are stuck with.....FOREVER.

Those that have a yearly annual exam don't live longer just live with more medical diagnosis. 

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I am often reminded of the words of my psychiatry attending in medical school, "Andrew, everyone is crazy is just depends if you go to the doctor to get the diagnosis".

Old people naturally have a lower GFR, does that mean they have chronic kidney disease? They also have a higher fasting blood sugars but does that mean they have diabetes?

The better question is, even if we make these extra diagnoses are we preventing M&M? (not the candy, morbidity and mortality)  

The avg age of death in America is near 76. Medications are meant to help get people closer the avg. age of death not give eternal mortality. Those over the age of 76 need 'bucket list not drug list'.