RIP Speculum

To this point the speculum has had a long life. It has manage to live long past its prime. Luckily, guidelines have started to cut back on its use. Do you want to learn how to get away with no more pelvic exams? OR are you are a pt. and hate the feeling of cold metal and stir-ups .... 

First, let's get something very clear, I have never met a women who enjoys getting a pelvic exam. However, I am not a women and I have not met every women so maybe there are those that look forward to it. 

Second, the speculum is rarely needed!

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Q: In medicine what is the main reason we use the speculum? A: For cervical cancer screening

Here is the beauty of PCR and technology- There only needs to be one cancer or atypical cell on the swab to give you a positive result. While medical school might lead you to believe you HAVE to get right in the os and transitional zone, the truth is you just need some cells from the vagina and the more cells the better. 

Thus, I allow all my patients to do a self swab. They know there anatomy better than me and with a simple 3-4 full turns of a brush, studies have shown they actually get a better sample than the physician (ya I was shocked to learn that too). 

I guess it's like most things in medicine, the more we do the more we mess things up.