Vitamin D- Does the D stand for 'Do it' or 'Don't waste your time'

VItamin D it's one of the drugs everyone wants to work but sadly never does! At least not for the things I care about or my patients care about. 

We wrote a whole piece on Vitamin D the can be read here (click here) 

Here is the overwhelming and insanely way to large of a problem with vitamin D, it has become a religion. If you believe in it then you are convinced it works and only at the dosage you some how know to be true. This leads physicians to crazy cocktails like "1000mg on the even weeks and 6666mg on the odd weeks except for every third Tuesday of the month you should snort it"

The real deal is per the best available evidence vitamin d does nothing. I'm not saying it won't play a role in the future but currently it plays no role in evidence based medicine. However, if your patient wants to take vitamin d then GO FOR IT! However, enough with all the blood test and checking levels. Hypovitamin D is not a disease it's not a cancer and unless you are dealing with Rickets there is no need to make a fuss or cost your patient any money with foolish lab draws. Especially when there are many more things that can actually change patient outcomes.